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Chiropractors in Mt Eden

Mt Eden Chiropractor, Dr Simon Kelly, B.Sc, B.Sc (Chiro) DICCP

Dr Simon Kelly, B.Sc, B.Sc (Chiro) DICCP

Dr Simon Kelly, B.Sc, B.Sc (Chiro) DICCP

My two children are the living expression of optimum performance. As a chiropractor and a Dad I strive to do what I can so they can strengthen their bodies and nourish their minds so they can love their life. This is what I want for the people of our community. This is the why of our practice.

My mother initially took me to a chiropractor when I was three years old for the relief of recurrent ear infections. From that point on my health improved dramatically and I have not looked back. Throughout my teenage years I started to visit my chiropractor on a more regular basis. I was amazed at how my body became stronger after seeing him, and I noticed several things start to happen. My timing and power with my sport went through the roof. I went from struggling to making first elevens to making rep teams in many sports within the same year.

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Mt Eden Chiropractor, Dr Patrick Fong

Dr Patrick Fong

Dr Patrick Fong (Chiropractor)

Unlike most chiropractors my introduction to chiropractic came rather late in life. I recall in the winter of 2002 I was struck down by a viral illness. Bed ridden and unable to work, with several months of seeing specialists and countless visits to GP’s office I was finally told that I had developed ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’.

At the time of the illness I was working as pharmacist and had barely heard of this illness. After an exhaustive search for answers and trying countless so called ‘remedies’. A friend of mine suggested I should see a chiropractor. Initially I was skeptical as I wondered how doctor of the spine could help me with illness.

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Dr Michael Stocco

Dr Michael Stocco

Dr Michael Stocco (Chiropractor)

Hi, I’m Michael! I’m a born and bred Australian, from the city of Adelaide. As a youngster, I was heavily involved in sport – I loved swimming and surf life saving. Growing up I was under frequent Chiropractic Care; I knew it helped me to be healthier than the average boy. It allowed me to achieve a high level of performance, which meant I was selected for state teams and competed in multiple Australian finals.

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Strengthen your body, nourish your mind, love your life.