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The Benefits of taking Magnesium-Fibroplex

Magnesium is required for over 300 functions in the body such as production of ATP in the mitochondria to support energy production. A daily dose of magnesium has shown to assist in the management and symptomatic relief of muscle pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, assist muscle relaxation, cramps and spasm. Magnesium is involved in the control of NMDA glutamate receptors which regulate the blood flow in pain transmission within the nervous system so is may assist with stress reduction and anxiety.

If you suffer with muscle discomfort, play sports or sweat at the gym regularly, suffer with stress and fatigue or poor sleep you may benefit from taking magnesium.

This clinic recommends Metagenics magnesium as it is an exclusive form of magnesium with the highest bioavailability in the world. (ref. journal of orthomolecular medicine 2014)

The benefits of Zinc and Vitamin C

Zinc and Vitamin C can reduce the severity and duration of colds and flues and help support a healthy immune system. Children can also benefit from this product as this helps improve motor skills and skill development. Zinc is also used for wound healing and skin health. Zinc is the most common mineral deficiency in NZ so chances are you will need it.

The benefits of taking Fish Oils

Fish Oil (Omega 3-EPA/DHA) can help dampen down the fire of inflammation and relieve pain such as joint pain of arthritis suffers. It also assists with maintaining a healthy triglyceride levels and cardiovascular health. Fish oil has been associated with an improvement in brain function associated with concentration, memory and mood. Omega 3 is used by every cell of your body so if you have inflammation of any kind, arthritis, poor concentration, poor memory, depression, learning disorders, skin troubles or hormonal imbalances then you may benefit from taking fish oil.

This clinic recommends Metagenics fish oil as they do extensive testing to provide the most pure fish oil product available, free of nasty contaminants. They also use nitrogen flushing to ensure a fresh oil which tastes and smells great.

BCM-95 and herbs for the Relief of Acute Pain and Joint Inflammation

Metagenics has a product that that contains their exclusive form of BCM-95 turmeric and other anti-inflammatory herbs which have been used traditionally for thousands of years for pain reduction. Recent research has shown its effectiveness in the relief of pain and swelling from traumatic injuries, is similar to taking a NSAID but without the unpleasant gut side effects. This product works at various points within the inflammatory cascade to assist reduction in inflammation and pain whether it be acute or chronic pain from injury, arthritis, headaches, period pain, dental pain etc.

The benefits of Children having a healthy Immune System-ENT Immune Care

Metagenics provide a formula especially designed to help your little one feel better faster when suffering with upper respiratory infections or if they are prone to coming down with bugs often you can use this product for a few month as a prevention to keep their immune system strong.

This product is traditionally used to reduce congestion of the ear, nose and throat and by taking the acute dose you can reduce the duration and severity of colds ensuring your little one recovers faster. Taking the chronic dose can be a great prevention tool for children with a low immunity.

This product is free from animal products, dairy protein, lactose, eggs, gluten, and wheat, nuts, yeast and soy protein. Free from artificial colours and flavours. Sweetened with stevia.

Liquid benefits-Vitamin D3

Vitamin D has been touted liquid gold in some parts of the world and her in NZ we are very deficient in this sunshine nutrient. If you want strong immune function, strong bones, healthy hormone production then this liquid is for you, it will help maintain a healthy immune system and assist with calcium absorption for healthy bones.

Don’t forget about Dad

This multivitamin will help dad perform at his best. A one a day formula with a blend of essential vitamins and minerals to optimise his energy production and overall health as well as some herbs to support his liver and prostate health.

Stress and adrenal health-Crotico B5 B6

Source of Vitamins B5, B6, C, Magnesium Oxide and Bioflavonoids to assist in the maintenance of general wellbeing.

During times of stress we quickly deplete our levels of these nutrients, this formula contains a higher therapeutic dose that a multi can of the key nutrients B5 and vitamin C which are required for normal adrenal function and B6 required for healthy nervous system function.

Why we need a supplement and food isn’t always enough…

In a perfect world we would get all our nutrients from our food. But sadly our soil is unhappy and not rich in many nutrients any longer due to mass production of crops meaning the soil is never able to rest and replete its nutrients for the food to uptake. Add to this the use of herbicides and pesticides, poor food storage before we get it and overcooking then we as a nation in our option have become very deficient in many key vitamins.